Between the years of 2007 and 2012 the city of Gulf Breeze, Florida otherwise known as Gulf Breeze Proper just across 3 mile bridge from Pensacola, working alongside Ed Gray of Capitol Trust Agency earned $64 million in fees by issuing municipal bonds to other communities throughout Florida. During this time, city owned parks in Gulf Breeze Proper were falling apart and I was injured when a chain on a swing broke. Apparently the large chain links were worn from decades of salty air and friction when being used and the city had no clue because they didn't have a park safety inspection program. Had they had one, they would have been aware of the chains condition and changed them.

A year later and two weeks before the city's insurance company issued me a letter saying the parks were safe, a video was made that showed swings still in a condition of breaking (just two weeks before the date on the letter). That video is posted below. There was one swing still hanging in McClure Park next to the swing that broke causing injury my spine, it too was about to break because the city chose not to fix the unsafe conditions after I was hurt. That swing should not have been left in place waiting for the next victim. 

Also a swing just outside the Gulf Breeze recreation center was within days of breaking after the city's insurance company claimed their investigation (which never happened) showed no unsafe conditions in the parks. The unedited video that proves these things is dated using the front page of a Pensacola News Journal newspaper. When the city's insurance company "Florida League of Cities" letter was sent to me, Gulf Breeze Florida mayor Beverly Zimmern held a board seat at Florida League of Cities Municipal Board of Trust. Her collusion with them prevented me from pursuing damages for a spinal injury that occurred when that swing broke. I couldn't get a lawyer to help me because they all told me Florida has "sovereign" immunity from accidents on city property and they can't win a lawsuit against a city because of that law. Beverly Zimmern broke the law when she colluded with the city's insurance company while she held a board seat with them.

The Gulf Breeze News (local paper) was also alerted to these issues but told me to stop calling because they had no intention of doing a story about these things. This left dangers where children play throughout the community as parents were left in the dark about what was happening. WEAR TV and Pensacola News Journal also refused to investigate it as well because executives of those organizations lived in Gulf Breeze Proper and didn't want to upset friends in city hall.

After this I received an anonymous phone call that told me if I didn't stop talking to the media about what happened, I'd be sorry I ever stepped foot in Gulf Breeze. During this time the city conspired with Slade & Darnell to develop a coverup story to make it look like I somehow staged the accident, however anyone with half a brain can easily look at the evidence I compiled that would show that was impossible. As a result of this, employees at Slade & Darnell wanted nothing to do with conspiracy to help Gulf Breeze create a coverup and quit their jobs according to witnesses who spoke to Cullen Hoback of Hyrax Films. No one has ever been held accountable for these things and I live with a permanent injury that inhibits daily life activities. Ron Pully, the director of parks and recreation for the city of Gulf Breeze spoke to a women on the phone in 2017 saying I quote, "that poor guy was hurt really bad", but he then said he couldn't say any more about it and ended the call.

Its important that these crimes against me are properly dealt with as the people of America cannot allow cities to be granted immunity from liability when they knowingly and purposely leave these types of dangerous conditions in public parks. Parents and their children rely on safe parks to play in and automatically assume they are safe if owned by a city. I though the swing was safe and never even a thought came to my mind that the swing would break if I used it. Public Park says SAFE in most peoples minds and the general public should never be expected to conduct safety inspections of a park owned by the city nor are they properly trained to do so.

It should also be noted that since this happened, the city of Gulf Breeze has continuously violated my 1st amendment right to free speech when they censor me trying to get this story out on social media.

While this was happening, the city of Gulf Breeze made loans to other city's and venues totaling nearly $700 million. See loan documents here: Gulf Breeze Loan Docs

But they couldn't correct dangerous conditions in their own parks 

and playgrounds because they were too busy making millions on the loans they were initiating

When 60 Minutes aired on Sunday April 16, 2023 Scott Pelley interviewed the CEO of Google about something they developed called BARD. When BARD was asked if Gulf Breeze Florida was involved with Mafia, this was BARDs response:

Gulf Breeze, Florida has been associated with the mafia in the past. In the 1970s and 1980s, the Gulf Coast Mafia was active in the area, and they were involved in a number of criminal activities, including gambling, extortion, and loansharking.

One of the most notorious members of the Gulf Coast Mafia was Santo Trafficante Jr., who was the boss of the Tampa Mafia family. Trafficante was a powerful and feared figure, and he had a hand in a number of criminal activities in the Gulf Breeze area.

In the 1980s, the Gulf Coast Mafia began to decline in power, and they were eventually replaced by other criminal organizations. However, there is still some evidence that the mafia continues to have a presence in the Gulf Breeze area.

In 2017, the FBI arrested several people in Gulf Breeze who were accused of being involved in a mafia-related gambling operation. The arrests were part of a larger investigation into the mafia's activities in the Gulf Coast region.

The FBI has also said that the mafia is still involved in loansharking in the Gulf Breeze area. Loansharking is a form of high-interest lending that is often used by the mafia to extort money from people.

The mafia is a dangerous and secretive organization, and it is difficult to know for sure how much involvement they have in Gulf Breeze. However, there is some evidence that they continue to have a presence in the area.

Bard was asked the below question

We found that the 10 year old girls parent filed a lawsuit which was filed in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Florida on February 28, 2018. The lawsuit alleged that the city of Gulf Breeze was negligent in maintaining the swing set at McClure Park, which resulted in the plaintiff's spinal cord injury. The case was settled out of court for an undisclosed amount in 2019. 

I tried to get the word out so that the same thing that happened to me in 2008 would hopefully not happen to anyone else but due to coverups of negligence by the city of Gulf Breeze and government inaction as well as some local residents ignoring my warnings, it happened again at the very same park in 2017 when a 10 year old girl got her very own spinal injury like me. McClure Park in Gulf Breeze is where I received my spinal injury in 2008 when a swing chain broke. That little girl didn't deserve this.


City manager of Gulf Breeze, FL from 1992-2017. Mr Eddy ignored the dangerous conditions in his city playgrounds during his tenure as the city manager. Eventually this caused a tragic accident which the city covered up with the help of local media, the city attorney, a local representative, a senator and the governors office. Edwin Eddy now serves as a Senior Adviser for Florida City and County Management Association 

Mr Dannheisser was the city attorney before he became mayor. His creative talents as a lawyer worked in collusion with the city manager to cover up the negligence the city was accused of. These days mayor Matt Dannheisser helps lawyer friends make money off the city by stealing a local family's land against multiple court orders, see the facebook page here LAND GRAB CASE 


Beverly Zimmern traded her city council seat for the position as mayor in 2009 to propel the cover up as she worked in collusion with Florida League of Cities to issue a no wrong doing letter releasing liability of the city which caused the accident. At the time, she served on Florida League of Cities Municipal Insurance Board of Trust which issued the letter regarding her city's liability in the matter. This is considered a conflict of interest which is against the law for a government employee to do.


Ron Pulley is the Parks and Recreation Director for the city of Gulf Breeze Florida. Following the accident in McClure park Ron Pulley ignored extensive safety hazards in parks throughout Gulf Breeze Proper. As director of parks and recreation for Gulf Breeze one would think his job would entail correcting the safety hazards to prevent further injuries. That never happened though and he remains in the same job today. Any company would of fired him after this happened, but the city pats him on the back and says no problem we're not liable by LAW.

After the accident, governor Charlie Crist recommended I contact Don Gaetz regarding safety hazards in Gulf Breeze city parks. Governor Crist said the governors office didn't have jurisdiction to request Gulf Breeze fix safety hazards in their parks. He mentioned cities do whatever they want on a local level. But governor Crist did say Don Gaetz had jurisdiction in Gulf Breeze. When contacted, Don Gaetz said the governor was wrong and Gulf Breeze was out of his jurisdiction so there was nothing he could do about the dangerous conditions being left in city parks. Those conditions were documented on video nearly a year later because in Florida politicians pass the buck. 

Gulf Breeze News was told about the dangerous conditions being left in city parks of Gulf breeze Proper after the accident. The newspaper didn't think it was news worthy that city officials were leaving dangerous conditions in local parks and would not speak one word about it. Those conditions remained a year later when a video was made documenting the dangerous conditions of park swings. Its unknown how much longer they remained this way beyond this because I left the area due to receiving threatening phone calls for speaking to the media. 

SINCE 1993


This is a story of playground safety being neglected in the city of Gulf Breeze Proper while city officials made millions of dollars orchestrating what Bloomberg News referred to as "BLACK BOX DEALS" in the municipal bond market. The city of Gulf Breeze Florida covered up an accident so no one would ever know it happened so they could better concentrate on the financial scams they were involved in.

Decades of wear to swing chains left to break when used was common place throughout the city's public parks, and it continued to be long after the accident occurred as the city raked in millions of dollars in fees as the originator of so called black box deals involving municipal bonds. Ed Gray of Capitol Trust Agency was the ring leader of such financial endeavors as the citys coffers overflowed with cash.

This story sheds light on how city officials put the entire towns safety in jeopardy as they enriched themselves. As parents and nannies took kids to play in parks throughout Gulf Breeze Proper, little did they know swing chain links and other playground equipment had decades of wear ready to break as our video would show 10 months following the accident. Public parks usually project a level of trust, but in this case that trust was merely smoke and mirrors as city officials sat by and did nothing to correct the dangers in their parks.

The Story Gulf Breeze City Management Didn't Want Residents to Know

The Law must be changed to protect the public because city officials in Florida just don't care since the Florida senate passed a law saying cities in Florida are immune from this kind of liability. The very liability the city caused.........